About us

You can make contact with the Scottish blind Golf society for general information, membership criteria, tournament organisation & possible sponsorship, or even comments about this website, to our Secretary and Website manager below.

Mr Robin Clayden, 5 The Round, Dunfermline, Fife KY12 7YH.

  • Tel: +44 [ 0] 1383 737 717
  • iPhone: 07484 125 618
  • E-mail: robin at scottishblindgolf.com
  • NB: Replace the ` at ' with the appropiate @ sign to email Robin, it is displayed that way to avoid spammers and bots sending their usual rubbish

Executive Committee 2017

  • Captain: Iain Prime, North Berwick
  • Vice Captain: Colin Simpson, Hamilton
  • Charity Secretary: Robin Clayden, Dunfermline
  • Treasurer: Barry Hampton, Wormit
  • Match Secretary: Sam Sloan, Edinburgh
  • Handicap Administrator: Alistair Reid, Stonehaven
  • District reps: One from Greater Glasgow and 1 from West of Scotland

Annual Accounts, Constitution, Code of Conduct & Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy

Click here for our latest annual accounts

THE SBGS CONSTITUTION - The official and legal documentation detailing our objectives and status as a registered Scottish Charity.

CODE OF CONDUCT - Documentation of our own set of rules, procedures & ettiquet for members, guides & associates of the Society.

Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy adopted into the Society administration in April 2017.

If you would like to download these documents in Microsoft Word format, simply right click the links below and save them to your hard drive.

How it all began

Read this fascinating article by our own founder member Gerry Kelly on how he was responsible for the Evolution of blind golf in Scotland and the UK.

On September 4, 1979, the journey began in South Ayrshire and now, over 30 years later, golf for the blind and visually impaired is continuing to flourish and develop throughout the world.

Gerry was also involved in trying to attract youngsters from various primary schools who had a visual impairment to join SBGS after a tuition programme was launched and sponsored by The Golf Foundation in 1988 and 1989.

Sadly however, in 1990 the integration of disabled children into main stream education meant it was not possible for those children to be released from their various classes so it was not possible to get them together as a group. THE Royal Blind in Edinburgh was still a viable group, however a new Head Teacher would not sanction continuation of the scheme, so after a lot of hard work it was very disappointing to see it come to an end, until of course clubgolf took up the torch in 2005.

You can read the 1988 report here then the follow up report from 1989 here

How it's done!

How we play the game... an insight, so to speak, on how we play the game.

Technical Information about this Website

Technical spec! - Some information about this site, designed and maintained by one of our own playing members, how has it been written, and with what tools?