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robin playing from the bunker Robins guide dog Evan

Robin clayden, born on March 13, 1953, has been a member of Scottish Blind Golf since 1990 and has served as Captain in 1996/7. He played to a handicap of 11 as a teenager, but gave up the game due to failing sight before he reached 20. When registered as blind in 1979, he never even gave golf a thought, until Harry Lyddall and Bill Wilkie from the Edinburgh and Lothians district,persuaded him to give it another go with guides, and like any other true golfer, he got hooked again. His main claim to fame was in 1996 when he won the Lawrence Levy British Blind Masters Championship at Patshull Park near Wolverhampton, when that tournament was the first ever event to be played over the full four day, 72 hole format.

His guides include Dave Meharry, who works at the famous Gullane golf Club, A former working colleague who has a great knowledge of the game and plays to a decent standard himself, Tommy Joyce, who is the co grandpa to little Laura and Michael, and another good friend, Stuart Craig, recently retired as platform manager of the Lomond Rigg out in the North Sea.

Robin lives in Dunfermline with his wife Margaret, both guide dog owners, and he commutes across the Forth Bridge every day to his job at the Edinburgh College of Art where he has been the telecoms manager for the last 20 years.

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