The Auld Enemies Cup 2005


golfball The Auld Enemies Cup 2005 golf green

This years event took place from September 20 - 24, at Hamilton golf Club, Riccarton, Ferniegair, near Hamilton . Scotland now hold the edge with a lead of 8 matches to 7, with 3 others drawn.

You can see a feww sober, and not so sober mugshots in our Picture Gallery for 2005 - Click here!

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  • Sue Loundoun Reid, Captain
    Guide: Rex Joynes
  • Malcolm Ellrick
    Guide: Jack Rose
  • Brian Richards
    Guide: Val Brewer
  • Sandy Byrne
    Guide: Geoff Iles
  • Derek Field
    Guide: Yvonne Ibbot
  • Mike Loten
    Guide: Roy Townsend
  • Ron Tomlinson
    Guide: Stephanie Tomlinson
  • Neil Baxter
    Guide: Clara Baxter
  • Peter Hodgkinson
    Guide: Margaret Hodgkinson
  • Simon Cookson
    Guide: Stuart Jones
  • Jay Cookson
    Guide: Paul Cloak
  • Roy McKnight
    Guide: Bill Chamberlain
  • Andy Sellars
    Guide: Amanda Sellars


Navy blue scores denote a Scottish win, while red ones show the English ones.

Day 1 - Foursomes

Match scores:

  1. Iain Prime & Cameron McDiarmid halved with Jay Cookson & Peter Hodgkinson
  2. Ken Freeman & Sam Sloan lost to Neil Baxter & Derek Field, 2 & 1
  3. Ally Reid & Myles Clark lost to Malcolm Ellrick & Roy McKnight, 4 & 3

Day 2 - Four balls

Match scores:

  1. Jim Gales & Iain Prime lost to Roy McKnight & Malcolm Ellrick, 3 & 2
  2. Cameron McDiarmid & Ken Freeman halved with Jay Cookson & Peter Hodgkinson

Day 3 - Singles

Match results:

  1. Cameron McDiarmid halved with Simon Cookson
  2. Jim Gales lost to Roy McKnight, 4 & 2
  3. John Miller lost to Mike Loten, 2 & 1
  4. Stuart Wilkie lost to Peter Hodgkinson, 4 & 3
  5. Peter Philip halved with Derek Field
  6. John Imrie halved with Brian Richards

Performance Statistics....

Here's an interesting league table I've compiled, which displays the individual players' achievements at this years event. Please note, that, a win in the foursomes or four balls constitutes ?point per team player.

Player: P W D L Points earned.

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