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The Latest Standings for Season 2005:

Date stamp update: August 11, 2005

Here are the top 16 places as per the date stamp above, but if you want to see a full sheet of points for every member, plus their latest running handicap, you can download The Order of Merit Table & Handicaps in an Excel spreadsheet here, or alternatively, you can View the Order of Merit & handicaps in another webpage here!

If you wish, you can download the Excel spreadsheet by right clicking on the link above, and selecting "Save target as..." to save it to your hard disk.

All up to date handicaps for both SBGS and IBGA are shown on these reports

Top 16!

  1. 113: Cameron McDiarmid
  2. 81: Ken Freeman
  3. 74: Ally Reid
  4. 68: John Miller
  5. 58: Stuart Wilkie
  6. 58: Gerry Kelly
  7. 54: John Imrie
  8. 51: Jim Eadie
  9. 51: Myles Clark
  10. 41: Jim Gales
  11. 34: Ian Moncrieff
  12. 27: Sam Sloan
  13. 27: Eddie Moffatt
  14. 24: Peter Philip
  15. 22: Darren Healey
  16. 17: Gordon Dickson

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