golfball Iain Prime golf green

Iain prime putting with guide brian wilson looking on

Iain Prime & Brian Wilson in the run up to the Strokeplay 2004

This will be the third year that Brian and I have teamed up for our assault on the annual Strokeplay Championship at The Glen. As always we will balance our determination to win with our habitual requirement for fun. So far we have been very successful with the fun part and have had less to get excited about on the winning side.

I have actually had a first, second and third in The Strokeplay Championship and have my Quaiche's spread up the wall in the tradition of "wally ducks". Winning in 2001 was one of the highest points of my time in blind golf so far and I would love to do it again but the competition is so strong now it is a daunting task. Home advantage means very little when the championship is being held here for the seventeenth time.

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