Over the year representatives of the SBGS, have expressed some concern about the lack of new members joining the association.


It is of the greatest importance to the development of golf for Visually impaired in Scotland, that we consider waysand methods of obtaining and increasing membership both in the shortand long term.


One of the ways to achieve the medium to long term increase in membership is to establish a strong and vibrant coaching and playing scheme, within the schools and resource unit areas catering for the education of Visually impaired children and students.


Over the past two years the Golf Foundation has sponsored a coaching scheme at St Vincents School, Uddingston Grammar, Kelvin Primary, in Glasgow and also Craigiebarns in Dundee.Whilst pupils from Royal Blind School Edinburgh had coaching provided through the East of Scotland District.


Unfortunately the coaching Scheme available from the Golf Foundation had ceased in the Schools due to the loss of continuity through the movement and transfer of staff.


To rekindle the interest for golf within these and other similar schools in Scotland- I have in my role as liaison

Officer held a number of meetings with the Scottish Peripatetic teachers Committeesand the Scottish Association for the education and welfare of Visually impaired. The feedback from these Meetings has been both enthusiastic and encouraging.


The following stages have been identified as the necessary steps towards therealisation of the main objectives.


1. Identify the Visually impaired students interested in playing golf.Arrange coaching through the Golf Foundation.Liaise regularly with Head teachers of Schools, Colleges and parents of students involved andthe PGA Professional.

2. When a reasonable playing standard is reached by the player and when appropriateset up a Junior section under the control of the SBGS, to promote golf for the visually impaired in Competition format.


3.When deemed appropriate by the SBGS Management Committee and after consultation with the PGA coach involved, offer qualifying students junior membership of SBGS.


To date the meetings mentioned have enabled me to identify eleven Schools, colleges and resource areas, who are interested in setting up a coaching scheme, sponsored by the Golf Foundation


Listed are the Schools and Colleges involved.


1. Ashcraig School.


2. St. Vincentís School.


3. Kelvin Primary.


4. Uddingston Grammar


5. Knowltop Primary

6. Royal Blind School.


7. Castlehill Primary - Resource Unit 6. Kaimes Primary (to be arranged).


9. Craigiebarnes


10. Moray House.


11. Motherwell College.


So far a total of 44 students have declared an interest in golf and arrangements are currently being made with the Golf Foundation, the School and Local PGA members for implementation of the G.F. coaching scheme.


G T Kelly (Youth Liaison Officer to SBGS).