Handicaps for October 2018 after Brechin are as follows:

NameExact HandicapPlaying Handicap
Kris Adams60.254
Gordon Dickson53.345
Charlie Forbes36.236
Barry Hampton32.032
Darren Healey48.545
John Imrie31.832
Gerry Kelly41.642
Barry McCluskey16.316
Cameron McDiarmid13.614
Ian Moncrieff3 games valid0
Allan Morgan21.121
Eddie Pawlik30.030
David Paterson27.427
Ally Reid17.117
Colin Robertson2 games valid0
Colin Simpson30.130
Sam Sloan34.034
Bennet Ward49.550

Well done to Barry McCluskey, Sam Sloan and David Paterson who all improved their handicap and to Eddie Pawlik who now has a valid handicap.

If you are interested in seeing how you compare to other international blind golfers in your category you can follow the following links: