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Vision Cup – Team Selection

Composition of teams:

• Teams from North America and a World Team will consist of 12 players per side.

• There shall be 4 players from each of the 3 sight categories (B1-B3).

To be eligible for selection a player must:

• Be a member of an IBGA Member Association (or be an Associate Member); and

• Have at least 7 qualifying rounds recorded on the IBGA handicap system (excluding rounds captured on the system as a “Qualifier” under rule 7.5 of the IBGA handicap policy).

Method of selection:

• Players from each sight category will be selected based on IBGA handicaps.

• The IBGA handicaps to be considered shall be those as calculated at the end of December in the year prior to the event (excluding “Qualifiers” as above and excluding any scores from events where the player was in a different sight category to his/her current sight category).

To ensure a good cross-sectional representation of Member Associations:

• For the World Team: No more than two players in any one category may come from the same Member Association.

• For the North American Team: No more than three players in any one category may come from the same Member Association.

Captains and Vice-captains:

• A captain (and vice-captain(s) if deemed necessary) will be selected by the Board of Directors.

• Where possible the captains (and vice-captains) should be members of the Board.

Variations to the above:

• The IBGA Board (on the recommendation of the captains) will have the discretion to omit/include players under specific circumstances. For example:

  • Player conduct will be taken into consideration.
  • The inclusion of women.

• If it is not possible to find 4 players for each team from each sight category who are available, the Board of Directors may agree to revise this requirement.

• If a selected player is not able to confirm that he/she is available to participate at least 4 months prior to the start of the event that player will forfeit his/her place, and the next most eligible player will be selected.

• If a player withdraws within one month of the start of the event it may become necessary for a captain to select a replacement player who does not meet the normal selection criteria. 

Approved in Australia (May 2014) and as amended by the IBGA Board (November 2014, November 2015 & November 2018).